Yoga Classes

All suitable for ages 16+ and included in your ALL IN membership.


With a focus on moving and exploring the physical side of yoga, this class will help you build flexibility, strength, coordination and balance as we flow through sequences of yoga poses. With options and variations for individual differences this class is suitable for most adults. The class will end with a short relaxation.


Yoga for adults, suitable for beginners and the more experienced. Postures and sequences are combined with breathwork and relaxation. Building from the basics into a deep mind-body experience. You are encouraged to work within your own limits, with the emphasis on how it feels, not how it looks.

Chair Yoga

Yoga is for everyone. In this class you can sit, or use a chair for balance as we move, stretch, breathe and relax. You can choose whether or not to kneel or lie down as each person is encouraged to do what’s right for them and lots of options are given. Come and give it a try in a warm and friendly class.

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