Early Years Swimming

Our baby and toddler swimming programme is great fun for little ones and their grownups.

There is an emphasis on encouraging independent movement, developing water confidence and core aquatic skills through structured play using fun, games and songs.

The Early Years Programme has three levels; Adult & Baby, Adult & Toddler and Adult & Child.

The earlier you introduce your child to water the more confident he/she will become. The Early Years programme is designed to introduce you and your child to the water in a fun way making it exciting and enjoyable for you both. It will provide you as a parent with confidence and skills to help teach your child to swim.

What do our lessons look like?

  • Small classes: A maximum of 12 little ones and their grown ups at any one time.
  • Our 30 minute classes are the perfect length for your little one to get the most out of their swim.
  • Tailored lessons to suit your & your child's needs and ability
  • Learn through play, songs and repetition
  • We take things slow, your first lesson will focus on settling you and your baby into the water gently.

Working Together

Together we will practice lovely comforting holds and talk about how the water will gently support your baby, making sure your baby feels safe, secure and warm. Our lessons take place in the shallow end of the pool so you will always be able to stand. It is our aim to make you feel comfortable and confident in the pool, as well as your baby. You will never be asked to do anything you don't feel comfortable with, options will be provided and we will explain everything as we go along. Our lessons are always child-led (and parent-led!)

Settling In

The swimming pool can be a strange new place for babies, it can be full of new sounds and smells. It is also a wonderful environment to explore and develop their love of swimming. Babies may become unsettled or can get tired towards the end of a class. Don't worry, this is completely normal. If baby does cry we are here to support you with our soothing and calming holds and moves. If you or your little one are getting overwhelmed by all the new surroundings and wish to step out of the pool or sit on the side to watch for a while that is absolutely fine, just let your teacher know. Sometimes 20 minutes is enough time for baby's first few swims. Please chat with your teacher if you have any questions or feel you require additional support, we are here to help you.

Aims & Objectives of the Early Years Programme

It is our aim to introduce you and your baby to a swimming environment and develop your confidence and skills in the water and to ensure the safe and effective handling of the baby in the water. Quality time will be a key element of the adult and baby experience, allowing you time to bond with your little one while creating wonderful memories and lifelong bonds. We will work on basic body positions and a range of holds and movements in the water that will provide you with the tools you need to help teach your child to swim.

Early Years Brochure