Support for Disabilities

McLaren Leisure has easy wheelchair access and encourages any individual or groups with special requirements to use the centre. The building facilitates those with special requirements through having single level entry to the centre, lift access to all levels and a Poolpod hoist for safe and easy entry into the swimming pool.

Accessibility Guide

Our Accessibility Guide now provides detailed information on the facilities available at McLaren Leisure.  Please click on the link below or speak to a member of staff if you have any further queries.

Accessibility Guide

We are also listed on Euan’s Guide – please write a review on there if you have visited us before.

McLaren Leisure on Euan's Guide

Alternatively, you can download a PDF of our access statement: Accessibility Guide Aug2018


Our Poolpod provides quick and simple access to our swimming pool for wheel chair users and swimmers with difficulty using stairs. Installation of an enhanced Poolpod pool lift system in 2017 has made our swimming pool accessible to more children and adults with a much wider range of access needs.

Our community-owned leisure centre was constructed in 1998 and, whilst it had a standard pool hoist, it was not suitable for providing access for those who cannot support their own weight or transfer to the pool unassisted. This left many people excluded from enjoying the benefits of swimming. However, our Poolpod now allows easy access for all!