🚀 Get ready for a game-changing experience at McLaren Leisure! 🎮 Introducing the NEW Multiball system - the FIRST of its kind in Scotland and Our Exciting 25th Birthday Celebration Addition.

Experience the thrill of a mixed reality sports & gaming platform, where physical activity and digital games merge into one extraordinary adventure! 

Players can easily access their favourite games or training modules with a simple touch of the wall. Multiball offers a great variety of activities. From fun games to professional training routines for many sports. Just walk up to the system and select your application by touching the icon and you’re all set for a workout and some fun.

Don't miss the chance to explore this incredible addition to our facility! Give us a call on 01877 330000 to book your session today. 
Included in your all in membership or available to pay as you go (£7.50 per player, per hour)

Exercise: We offer a variety of sports games which provide a highly engaging and attractive experience to make people move.

Entertainment: Exciting entertainment games are suitable for all ages and skill levels to enjoy.

Education: Our educational games combine physical activity and learning to develop skills in maths, geography and more.