Drowning Prevention Week

At McLaren Leisure, we are committed to ensuring everyone enjoys the water safely. During Drowning Prevention Week, we will be focusing on promoting water safety and raising awareness about the importance of knowing how to stay safe in and around water. Our learn-to-swim classes will participate in special swimming lessons centred around water safety.

15th - 22nd June

Water Safety Code: Essential Knowledge for You and Your Family

Do you and your family know the water safety code? Staying safe around bodies of water, including paddling pools, rivers, and lochs, is crucial, especially during the summer months. Let's work together to ensure everyone enjoys the water safely. Join us in raising awareness and learning essential skills for water safety.

Watch this important water safety code animation with your kids: [Water Safety Code Animation]

The Importance of Swimming Costume Colours

Did you know that the colour of your swimming costume can play a crucial role in water safety? Some costume colours are difficult to see in both still and moving water. Choosing the right colour could save a life.

Tips for Choosing the Right Swimming Costume:
- Opt for bright, contrasting colours that stand out against the water.
- Avoid colours that blend into the water, such as blue and green.

Check out these images to see which colours are the most visible in pools and open water. Stay safe and visible in the water!

Stay Safe, Stay Informed

At McLaren Leisure, your safety is our priority. During Drowning Prevention Week, make sure to:
- Participate in our special swimming lessons focused on water safety.
- Educate yourself and your family about the water safety code.
- Choose swimming costumes that enhance visibility in water.

Join us from 15th - 22nd June and be part of the movement to promote water safety and awareness.

Together, we can make sure everyone enjoys the water safely. There are lots of resources available to you on the Royal Lifesaving Society UK's website.